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    Welcome to Australia’s Greatest Automatic Life Saving Cartridge Replacement Program

    Save’s you time
    Save’s you money
    Save’s you the hassle
    Helps Save lives with our Buy 1 Give 1 Global Giving Program
    Ensures your water is filtered, Fresh & Clean

    If you want to relax, knowing that when your old cartridge is just not filtering your water like it used to, we will be here with your new replacement cartridge packaged up ready to be delivered to you - without you even asking

    Here is our VIP invitation to you – Free for You to join Today by signing up below OR buy joining our community by purchasing any of our water filter products

    We know just how fast paced life has become, so we are here to help in anyway we can.

    Firstly, we would like to offer to you a special invitation to join with our hassle free automatic cartridge replacement program.

    Once you join up for this free program you can let your mind be at ease, as we will take care of all your future filter cartridges from here on forever, or until you notify us of any changes to your individual needs.

    And just for joining, on your behalf we will give 1 months access life saving drinking water to people in need. – Thank you for that.

    The problem most of us have is remembering when filter cartridges need replacing, or even when was it we last replaced the cartridges? Some of the Reverse Osmosis systems have membranes that last up to 6 years worth hundreds of dollars, imagine how much money you waste changing filters before they are due.

    But like any filter cartridge, they must be replaced at the appropriate time in order to get the results you desire.

    Have a quick look how it works

    When you sign up for the Automatic cartridge Replacement Program, we take care of everything from then on right through until you automatically receive your new replacement cartridges as per your request, delivered directly to you.

    This program helps protect your water quality by efficiently managing the replacement cartridge process for you, so you never have to worry when your filter cartridges need replacing or what age they are.

    This program assists you by saving you time as we take care of your details, the timing for replacements, ordering process, the insurance and the delivery of your cartridges.

    As with all sales and connections with My Water Filter with every replacement cartridge order, on your behalf we will Give Life Saving water to People in Need through our Buy 1 Give 1 Global Giving Program.

    2 Quick Easy Ways so you Automatically have fresh clean water forever & help save lives

    1. Opt – In for Automatic Cartridge Replacement Program - Name - Email - Phone number to arrange your cartridge type & frequency

    2. Or go ahead and purchase any water filter product and we will look after your cartridge replacement needs.

    Join the Greatest Automatic Life Saving Cartridge Replacement Program

    * indicates required

    Then let Us take care of your drinking water for you.

    Cancellation of your connection with us can be done at anytime. You just need to let us know.

    P.s With every purchase from My Water Filter we give 1 month's access to clean drinking water to people in need. If you're looking for a filter or you have someone special you want to do something nice for then Grab them a filter, they’ll love you for it…