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    Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter System Complete with GRANDER for Revitalised Structured Water

    • Sediments Filtered Out
    • Chlorine & Chemicals GONE
    • Structured Revitalised Water


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    5624.99 $5,624.99

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    5624.99 $5,624.99


    Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter System Complete with GRANDER for Revitalised Structured Water

    WHEN YOU WANT THE BEST - This is the ULTIMATE WHOLE HOME chlorine & chemical removal Water Filtration System.

    The Goldcarb Water Filter Gives Your Family 100% chlorine & chemical removal throughout the entire home.

    Clean Safe Water From Every Tap In Your House.

    The Goldcarb Water Filtration System Remove's Chlorine, Chemicals, Herbicides & Pesticides From Town Supplied Water.

    Then the GRANDER Device will Structure & Revitalise your water converting the water into a Revitalised state as it would in nature.

    Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter - Product Spotlight

    STAGE 1


    This whole house water filter system is designed for chlorinated water in towns & cities.

    It is the chlorine that is drying your skin out creating skin irritations, rashes & eczema on your children. You breathe in the poisonous chlorine gas while taking a shower and have to put up with the horrible chalky taste of chlorinated tap water when just taking a simple drink of water.

    Here is a complete whole of house water filtration system designed to suit any sized home, commercial or industrial situation. Created to save you money while making living in your home a whole lot nicer. Removes chlorine at an incredible rate of over 50 litres per minute. Minimal unnoticeable pressure drop & no flow rate drop with this high volume system.

    How does the system work?

    As the water enters your property the first step is the removal of any dirt in the water, the silt, sand, the lumps & bumps. We remove that sediment to protect the carbon inside the main filter, so the carbon is able to work at its optimum to remove as much chemical and improve the water as much as possible without been blocked up with sediments.

    Then the water flows through the large shiney chrome vessel where it comes in contact with the massive 40 kg of good quality carbon to remove all the chlorine & chemicals, herbicides & pesticides. There is other medias inside the large vessel, KDF to reduce Heavy Metals, 2 x different medias to reduce the fluoride. We dont advertise this as we do not have any solid test results for heavy metals & fluoride removal yet.

    But rest assured this system will protect you from any amount of chlorine the water department throws at you.

    “9 Massive changes the Goldcarb whole house water filter will create in your life”

    1. Smoother skin with more moisture in it

    2. Softer hair which is easier to manage

    3. Hair treatments will last longer

    4. Fresh smelling water throughout your whole home and in your shower

    5. Water tastes & smells better so you & the family consume more water

    6. The best part is the water still contains the beneficial minerals we need to consume for good health

    7. Clothes wash cleaner, are softer to wear and last longer

    8. Improves plant growth and reduces plant leaf staining

    9. Eco friendly, Green, No electricity, No chemicals

    The Filtration

    Filter 1.

    Sediment Filtration - 1 x only 20” x 2.5” 5 micron sediment cartridge

    This cartridge is capable of removing algae, dirt, particles, rust, sand, sediment and silt so your water is debris free and prepared for the next stage of this filtration process. It is made from high quality spun bonded polypropylene. This filter series has a great holding capacity and a long lifespan.

    This whole house system is made up of 1 x only Stainless Steel 20” x 2.5” 23" (580mm) High x 2.5" (110mm) Diameter robust Sediment filter housing.

    The sediment filter housing is supplied with a strong support bracket, It has a 1" BSP threaded inlet & outlet which can be reduced down in size very easily with a reducer.

    Filter 2.

    Contaminant Filtration 1 x only 58” x 12” or 1260mm x 300mm Media Vessel

    Next the water flows through the granular activated carbon vessel, that is the large shiney chrome vessel that contains the filter media. As the water passes through it is in contact with the massive volume of top quality granular activated carbon & other medias inside to remove all the chlorine, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides & other nasty contaminats from your water supply.

    This whole house system is made up of 1 x only media vessel 58" (1460mm) High x 12" (300mm) Wide.

    It has a 1" BSP threaded inlet & outlet which can be reduced down in size very easily with a reducer.

    The weight dry is 93 lbs (41kg).

    The weight wet is 160kg when full with water.

    It comes with a wall strap to fix it to the wall.

    It is best sat on a solid base with a concrete slab.

    Sediment cartridge life span 1 Year.

    Media Vesel life span 1-4 years.

    Accommodates town water pressure up to 150psi or 1034Kpa. On most homes there should be a compulsory pressure reduction valve already fitted by law at the mains connection, but some older homes may not have them yet.

    We have found that there is very minimal pressure or flow reduction through these units - our test results were between 31 and 53 LPM.

    Easy installation by your own plumber at point of entry of the water supply.

    What Makes This Product So Unique

    • Vessel Size - It is the volume of the media inside the vessel - 40 kgs

    • No Electricity - This device works without the need of electricity or any other energy sources for its operation.

    • It Is very user friendly - The only annual maintenance is the replacement of the sediment cartridge.

    • No Moving Parts - The parts in this device do not move, they work without any wear or erosion, thus it is very rarely there is any need to replace parts.

    Who It’s for

    Goldcarb Australia’s whole-of-house water filtration system is perfect for the delivery of chlorine free, odour free filtered water for domestic, commercial or industrial properties.

    This system is for those people who are serious about reducing the amount of chlorine they have in their water supply.

    It is a step up from the Big Blue systems.

    Considering a normal 20” x 2.5” carbon block water filter cartridge weighs about 2.3kg, compare that to the Goldcarb which has 40 kgs of carbon plus other medias inside it and youll start to appreciate just what a machine this water filter really is at removing the chlorine and creating magnificent water throughout your home.

    Clean chlorine free water throughout your whole home is just a beautiful way to live.

    Installation Advice

    Grander to structure the water

    Grander Home System


    • 20mm Unit - suits up to 3 bathroom homes

    • 25mm Unit - Suits very large homes with 3 or more bathrooms - PLEASE CONTACT US FOR BEST SIZING FOR YOUR SITUATION.

    The Grander Whole House System - Product Spotlight


    Grander Technology was developed more than 40 years ago and yet the significance and impact that it will have on our lives is only just beginning to surface. You see, Grander replicates nature perfectly, treating water how nature does, where most man made water treatments use filtration and chemicals. Nature uses the solar energy from the sun to evaporate water from dams, oceans, lakes and soil to move it to the atmosphere recycling it where it falls back down via precipitation as clean rainwater.

    How Grander Products Work

    Grander Water for Lime Scale - Interview with Wayne from Grander

    Grander water for cooking - Interview with Wayne from Grander

    Grander Bath - Interview with Wayne from Grander

    Grander Gardening - Interview with Wayne from Grander

     Grander water saves Greenhouse business

    Grander for Septic Tanks - On site review

     Watch and read a introduction to Grander Water


    This is what’s known as the hydrological system. There's no filtration, chemical or disinfection, just nature and the exchange of energy. It cleans the water biologically. The sun and other energies use frequency signals via the atmosphere, "being water", allowing evaporation and the restructuring of the water to take place.

    According to Professor Pollack at the Washington University, this restructuring makes water less chaotic, aligning molecules and making oxygen more available. Thus the more available oxygen in water, the more aerobic bacteria, "typically good bacteria," which reduces pollution more effectively. This is similar to a compost bin, the more available oxygen the better the bacteria are at breaking down the particle matter, namely vegetation.


    Unlike a compost bin we can’t see the particles in water, and yet they are still there. If we throw chemicals or cleaning agents into a compost bin it would stop working.


    Likewise when we put chemicals into water which kills most bacteria, we slow down the biological cleaning process , more importantly we slow down the energy.


    Energy in water is most important. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison both wrote that our brains are a receiver / transmitter of energy , meaning we receive signals from the sun and other energies through the atmosphere, "being water" and transmit them into our bodies, "being mostly water".

    The dog will always drink out of a dirty muddy puddle, because freshly fallen rainwater has a stronger frequency. Albert Einstein also wrote matter ‘meaning pollution’ in water crosses the electrons reducing the energy path.

    Likewise atmospheric pollution reduces the energy we receive. This may explain "Lack of sun disease," "SAD" or Vitamin D deficiency.


    We all agree that energy is essential to life therefore it must be essential to water. Does energy effect the way water interacts with the body, hydrating , cleansing, detoxify? As the atmosphere takes on more and more pollution the less energy we receive. Going out in the sun does help, but is it the compete answer?

    When you consider the amount of life living within the earth that doesn’t go out in the sun and yet they rely on the sun as much as we do. Johann Grander, the Silver Medal winner of science, studied water, realising natural frequencies in water was paramount to the way water affected every living thing.

    From this he discovered that he could produce “Information Water” that could transfer these natural frequencies onto other water. Encapsulated in a range of Grander units, this "Information Water" can’t be re-polluted, it doesn't contact other water going through or around it and is not exposed to atmospheric pollution. It works by Frequency transfer. 

    The "Highly Revitalised Water" inside passes signals onto the water outside, while never coming into physical contact.

    This frequency signal transfer can be explained this way. If you are in a building lift surrounded by concrete and steel you can still receive mobile phone signals. The passing of frequency through steel and other inanimate objects is possible because frequency in general is smaller than the atom.


    The Grander Water credibility is best illustrated in all the commercial applications around the world from farming animals and plant life to the industrial improvements to machinery to the gains in manufacturing industries to the cleaning of polluted waterways.

    The list of companies that use Grander in Australia grows on a monthly basis, from scale and corrosion reduction in Extrata Group coal mines to making ice cream in Tasmania to removing 93% of sludge for the NSW Government in the Chinese Gardens in Sydney. 

    70% of our Domestic sales for private households come from word of mouth through health practitioners. When required, filters are sold in combination with Grander for removing excess chemicals like chlorine and fluoride.

    The Grander products come with a three month satisfaction guarantee that you can keep extending until you are 100% happy or you get your money back, making sure you can only gain when buying Grander products.

    As you will see in the Product brochure which includes filters for Australian conditions, you can start with the personal items, the Penergizer and the Board which you can treat one to three litres of water at a time for around $250.00 investment. Or you can buy the intermediate unit for a single tap or shower for around $1300.00.

    Or the ultimate whole house system for approximately $3600.00, where all water entering your home is completely treated. All these products last indefinitely After reading the attached information including the price list, please feel free to contact us to answer questions relevant to your situation at 1800 769 300.

    The My Water Filter Difference 

    "We love our products and what we do so below are just some of the things we do to make a difference"

    Automatic Cartridge Replacement Service  

    When you invest in a water filtration product from My Water Filter, we like to ensure you have the best experience possible. We like to lend a hand & take care of you as best we can. 

    • We happily monitor the cartridge life for you

    • When the cartridge is due for renewal, we then contact you

    • Once confirmed, we arrange everything and have a new replacement cartridge delivered to your door.

    We Give Together 

    When you buy a water filter or home water solution from My Water Filter, at no extra cost to you, we give life changing drinking water to people in need on your behalf.

    Bit by bit we make a difference together. Check out our giving page here.

    “We also deliver our products for FREE and you get a 30-day money back guarantee. The product comes with free insurance too!”


    Free Delivery Australia Wide
    Our 10 Guarantees
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    1 Year Warranty

    Product ID 757
    Model Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter System Complete with GRANDER for Revitalised Restructured Water
    Dimensions Packaged in two boxes per unit:
    Main unit: Weight dry 93 lbs (41kg); 58" (1460mm) H x 12" (300mm) W x 12" (300mm) L - Wet Weight - 160kg when full with water.
    Pre-filter: Weight dry 7lbs (3kgs); 23" (580mm) H x 2.5" (110mm) W x 2.5" (110mm) L
    Grander Whole House Unit : 20mm Unit - suits up to 3 bathroom homes - 215mm High x 95mm Wide x 95mm Deep
    Warranty (Months) 12 Months
    For Water Type City Scheme (Fluorinated and Chlorinated) Water
    City Scheme (Chlorinated) Water
    Country (Unclorinated) Water
    Rain Tank Water
    Bore/Well Water
    Hard Water
    Dam Water
    River Water
    Lake Water
    Number of Filtration Stages Twin Stage
    Cartridge Replacement Period 36 months
    Inlet/Outlet Sizes 1"
    Operating Pressure 150psi


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    Customer Testimonials

    G'day Rod and team

    I received my water filter promptly after placing my order. I found your web site and had a little trouble getting my order though. I rang after hours to see what I was doing wrong and was blown away by the excellent service. After placing the order I could not believe how quickly it arrived. We installed the bench-top unit in minutes and I was drinking beautiful pure water straight away.

    I moved into Bendigo three years ago and after drinking rain water where I used to live, the city water here very quickly gave me ongoing health issues. I have been drinking the filtered water now for three days and apart from the water being so much more palatable, MY HEALTH ISSUES HAVE VANISHED!
    Just brilliant and your cause to bring clean drinking water to those less fortunate than me makes my water taste so much sweeter.


    Thank you so much for your help.  Delivery was very speedy.  Thanks again.

    Hi Rod

    The online support regarding our order was great, and our above-sink reverse osmosis system arrived promptly.

    It's quite compact and could be easily set up by our small laundry sink, so as not to affect the appearance of the kitchen.

    We've bought a nice 3.4-litre glass water dispenser from Target, which takes about 15 min to fill each day.

    We can really taste the difference in the water. We're really glad we made the switch!

    Janice, NSW

    Great tasting water, no chlorine taste, wonder why I didn't do this earlier

    Morning Rod

    Thank you kindly for the filter cartridge replacement that arrived yesterday
    Super, Super quick delivery.

    I did exactly what you said, I gave it all a rinse through first before connecting my shower head. All going great, no black granules stuff coming out

    I'm very happy with my vitamin C shower filter. It definitely works! The chlorine smell is gone and our skin and hair feel softer, less dry. Shipping was quick and it came with clear instructions. Which made it easy to install myself. 

    I received my water distiller promptly. It was easy to set up and within hrs. of receiving it I had distilled water ready to be chilled in the fridge. I am looking forward to see if I experience any health benefits from drinking distilled water. In any case, it tastes much better than our tap water.

    "Thank you so much for your expert advice and pleasant manner. It has been a fantastic experience interacting with My Water Filter and the products which you have supplied are fantastic."

    -Josh Hoare 

    Thank you for your kindness and your positivity, I appreciate it.

    You have been wonderful and I look forward to using my water filter... Water dispenser.

    I did taste a couple of glasses and the water was so sweet, none of the previous tap water annoyances.

    All the best to you and enjoy your health.

    Take care and thank you again, Rod.


    I was very happy with how easy it was to order online and the speedy delivery of my filter. I was impressed, morning after my online order I was phoned by the company to see if I wanted package left at my doorstep or collected at post office, I mean who does that, no one! The filter was easy to install so I will continue using their products!