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    Handmade Gravity Porcelain Water Purifiers with Ceramic filter Candle

    • Lead Free Glazes
    • Handmade here in Australia
    • Available for immediate delivery
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    334.99 $334.99

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    334.99 $334.99


    Handmade Gravity Porcelain Water Purifiers with Ceramic Filter Candle

    If you're looking for a special type of water filter, something that stands out, a product that is much more than just a water filter, you might want to take a look at these amazing porcelain water filters created right here in Australia by Peter Wallace Pottery, in stock, ready to be delivered now.

    These products are more than just a water filter, they are a work of art that stands out on any benchtop in any home. An art piece to give your room that special touch, which silently creates magnificent, contaminant free filtered water for all to enjoy while quietly displayed on your benchtop. Take a look and select any of the colours available to best suit your room, you can also choose the best filtration candle for your water type from the drop-down box above once you choose the colour filter that you like the best.

    Quality Craftmanship

    Handmade by renowned world-class Queensland Potter Peter Wallace who is known for his superb forms and outstanding glazes. Peter has been potting since 1972, well over 40 years now, he has trained with and worked with some of our greatest talents in this field like the great Australian Artist, the late Pro Hart. Peter also had the privilege to spend time with one of our fathers of pottery Carl McConnell. Another great influence Peter recognises in his development to be such a good potter, was John Durand. 

    Peter's palette has a range of colours that an oil painter would be proud to produce. They include crystalline and copper red glazes, Arabian and resin lustres, suffused with 22 carat gold. More recently, Peter has included a range of vibrant coloured slips.

    What makes these Water Filters Unique

    As these porcelain water purifiers are all individually handmade and are as unique and individual as we are, No two pots are exactly the same. They are hand thrown on the potter’s wheel from high-quality Australian Porcelain clay and glazed in Crystalline Glaze making them the perfect container for holding and dispensing this clean filtered chemical free water.

    The unique Crystalline Glaze often creates stunning large crystal forming canopies of coloured snowflakes over the glaze surface, which has many devotees and collectors. Believed to have been developed in England at the turn of the 19th century, but was discarded due to the large number of losses because of the high fluidity of the glaze.

    The Crystals are formed by an interaction of minerals with silica (the glass former) and zinc (the flux). Crystal development occurs during the cooling cycle, with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the microcrystal can be up to 75 mm across. The colours are derived from a variety of metal oxides, gold from iron, green from copper, pink from manganese as well as the elusive nickel, the only mineral to give two separate colours a blue crystal on a tan background. The pots come in a range of colours, Blue, Green, White, Pink, Gold, Nickel and combinations of two colours.

    A professional, efficient system of packing is provided with specially designed padded packing to ensure these beautiful pots can be shipped around the country and arrive at your home in perfect condition just as they were made. So if it is quality and craftsmanship you're looking for, this could be a great solution for you.

    Cartridge Filtration Option

    This style of water filtration is a very popular method which creates very good quality water. Popular with people who like great filtration, while the minerals are retained in the drinking water. It is the slow speed the water is filtered at that creates such good water and removes so many contaminants with these filters. As with all our gravity water filters, you have the choice to select the cartridge for your needs. From the drop-down box above you can select the standard Doulton ceramic cartridge which is normally used on rainwater, it is ok to use this cartridge if you live in an area where the water is treated with chemicals, but be aware the Doulton will have little to no effect to remove the fluoride or chloramines from the water. Honestly, I would use the SCP plus or the Ultraceram water filtration candles nowadays. Even rainwater can contain heavy metals, paint contamination, herbicides or pesticides. So it is advisable to use the better quality candles if possible. Enjoy drinking clean, safe, chemical free water.

    Test Results

    SCP Fluoride Plus Candle

    • Sediment - 100% absolute to 0.5 micron (IBR Laboratories)

    • Pathogenic bacteria 99.9999% - E. Coli and similar sized bacteria

    • Cysts - 100% (ALcontrol Laboratories) Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia Lamblia

    • Chloramines - 99%

    • Chlorine - 99%

    • Lead - 99%

    • Fluoride - 97%

    • VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds - 98%

    • Metals - Aluminum, iron, mercury, nickel & zinc - 98%

    • Arsenic - 95%

    • Glyphosate - 99.9%

    • Acetaminophen, Progesterone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium

    • Nitrates - 99%

    Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic

    The ceramic outer casing filters fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self-sterilising properties. An inner core of activated carbon removes chlorine and organic compounds.


    • Height: 550 mm

    • Width: 250

    • Filtered water capacity: 10 litres

    • The well: holds 2 litres including the filter

    • Empty weight is 13 kg

    • Box Dimension: 80 x 32 x 32 cm

    • All sizes are approximate size as they are handmade

    • Available for immediate delivery

    • Colour Reproduction may vary depending on device settings

     Cleaning the Reusable Cartridge

    The ceramic filter candles can be scrubbed & cleaned as or if required, but this will depend on the quality of the water used in the first place. The filter candle is a final stage filter, the cleaner the water to start the longer between cleaning the candle.

    The "drip rate" should be one litre per hour, when it slows down it is time to scrub clean. New 100 grit sandpaper or a new green Scotch-Brite scour pad to scrub the candle works very well.

    The My Water Filter Difference

    “We love our products and what we do so below are just some of the things we do to make a difference”

    We Give Together

    When you buy a water filter or home water solution from My Water Filter, at no extra cost to you, we give life changing drinking water to people in need on your behalf.

    Bit by bit we make a difference together. Check out our giving page here.

    “We also deliver our products for FREE and you get a 30-day money back guarantee. The product comes with free insurance too!”

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    Product ID 2155
    Model Handmade Gravity Porcelain Water Purifiers with Ceramic filter Candle

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    Customer Testimonials

    Hi Rod,

    Just wanted to say how exceptional your customer service is. I really appreciate how you went out of your way to explain to me how to properly install my filter when I thought it wouldn't fit.

    Now that it is attached properly (thanks to your very patient lesson!) the water quality and taste have improved amazingly. I also appreciate the time you took to explain the different types of filters and which one would best suit my needs. Very fast processing and post also. Cheers again, I will definitely be recommending you to anyone else looking for water filter advice and sales.

    Warm regards,

    Hunting possible suppliers of water filters brought me to My Water Filter. The layout of the site was impressive, but even better was the amount of important information supplied about the huge range of water filters carried, necessary facts to make an informed decision. I also felt the philosophy expressed by the firm of helping to supply clean drinking water to people in need was an aim well worth supporting. This was the deciding factor. I ordered the 12L Bench Top Purifier, which was delivered very promptly and proved easy to set up. One small request online was answered by Rod within minutes. The quality of water delivered by this purifier has amazed those who have tried it when compared with the normal town supply. I am very happy with this firm, its products and its service, and fully recommend it and its business principles to anyone. With thanks, Rod and Co.


    Hi to all at My Water Filter Team, with regards the service which I received from you during my purchase of the shower filter, I can only say that I am unable to find any fault whatsoever with it. Our preliminary discussions, the ordering, the dispatching, and the overall handling of the transaction was excellent. The product was as described and I am hoping that I will see a continued improvement in my skin health as time passes .Once again, my sincere thanks and congratulations for your excellent service.

    Rod you might get a few more orders, as I just put a post on Facebook for you.

    Parasites!!....Please have your rain water tanks tested for "Coliform bacteria" by the CSU.

    I would highly recommend "My Water Filter" company 1800 769 300 as they have given us the best possible price on a full system for our house and Rod knows the in's and out's of the industry.

    That's wonderful! thanks so much Rod:) I had no idea you had a warehouse in Qld. but so glad you do, we were thinking it might takes weeks to reach us here, it will be wonderful to have fluoride free water, we're really sick of paying heaps for bottled water. You have a wonderful day too. Thanks again, Jan

    Very happy with is waterfilter, the taste and quality of the water is so much nicer. I would recommend this to anyone who buys water in the bottle as for a family of 3 we will seen the savings in after 4 months of owning it.



    I recently purchased the whole house water filtration system that includes Lime Scale remover and pH balancer.

    The installation was expensive at around $1200 (NSW) however i feel it will be worth it over time.

    I am very happy with the water quality in my home now however. The terrible chlorine smell is completely absent from the water and baths and showers leave my skin soft. In fact several 'bath' wrinkles around my neck have already started to fade just after a few days!! A shower is now a pleasurable experience and my skin and hair are soft and shiny all day without moisturizers, etc. I have also started drinking my tap water as there are no foul chlorine odours that previously turned me off water. After a long hot bath i would find my heart would race for hours and i would feel anxious, ill, dehydrated - i think this may have been the 'chlorine gas' because since the WHFS installation i no longer have the negative side effects after my baths.

    My pets and plants benefit from the whole house system and i've noticed my pets are drinking less, yes less! Not because they dont like it, in fact i can see they like the water a lot more, they just don't need to drink as much as they are more hydrated by the good water and just need less to get the same effect as before. 

    My pot plants have all perked up and the most notable difference has been with my tropical aquarium - my fish are playing more and a lot more active in general. The water hardness and calcium levels are now perfect and the fish are much happier. One sick fish is showing signs of recovery and this is after only a few small water changes. The pH however is an issue at around 7.8! 

    The local council add chemicals to alkalise the water to protect their pipes from acidic damage. I had hoped the pH balancer would neutralise my water but instead it seems to make the water even more alkaline which means i have to add pH buffers to my water to get it where it really needs to be - Neutral 7.0. I have to admit this is something that is very disappointing, especially after such a costly initial outlay, and i'm looking into ways to correct this problem which will probably lead to more expense. 

    I endorse the filtration products - they really do make tap water potable and healthy to drink. Your skin will thank you and your neighbours will be asking to shower at your house. 

    Central Coast NSW

    Yes we had a problem (wrong size and damaged goods) but one phone call and all was fixed with minimal fuss and to our satisfaction. Customer support to be congratulated and is appreciated. Well done and thanks.

    Hello Rod

    Most impressed with the delivery time frame, I live in QLD 80km North of Brisbane, the day after I placed the order the filter was delivered to my front door. From the first conversation with Rod ‘till after the installation process, I can say has been a very pleasant experience.  I have a plumber do the installation;  his conversation with the folks at My Water Filter regarding the installation was also exceptional.

    Not only does My Water Filter offer a great product, they actually care about their customers and the community as a whole.

    If I need more water filters in the future, I will certainly be calling Rod.



    Water filter was delivered very quickly, easy to set up, looks and works great. Very happy with this service. Thanks!