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    MWF 20" x 4.5" Triple Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System Complete with Hard Water Conditioner & Positive Charged Water Magnet

    • Stops mineral damage
    • Removes sediments
    • Chlorine & chemicals GONE

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    Special Price: $997.99 $997.99 Regular Price: $1,664.99

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    Special Price: $997.99 $997.99 Regular Price: $1,664.99


    MWF 20" x 4.5" Triple Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System Complete with Hard Water Conditioner & Positive Charged Water Magnet


    This whole house water filter system is designed for chlorinated water in towns & cities where there is lots of mineral present in the water creating hard water. 

    This is a complete whole of house water filtration system designed to suit any sized home. Created to save you money while making living in your home a whole lot nicer. Conditions incoming calcium & magnesium minerals & removes chlorine at an incredible rate of up to 60 litres per minute then positively charges the water prior to flowing into your home. Minimal unnoticeable pressure drop & no flow rate drop with this high volume system.

    The BIG problem with our water supplies today

    The issue with our water supplies today is we are a drying country with less rainfall and a massive growing population. Our old method of catching rain water that flowed through our homes is a dream of the past. Now day’s we have bore water, recycled water and desalination plant water been pumped around the country to top up our diminishing water supplies. With this new style of water comes minerals. It is the calcium and magnesium which is the silent killer of our home appliances, it is these minerals are that blocking up our shower heads, covering your shower glass with scum, eating out your home appliances that come in contact with your water.

    Then if that is not bad enough, then you have to deal with the massive amount of chlorine added to your water supply to stop the bad bugs growing in the water while it is on its journey through the water pipe system to your home. It is the chlorine that is drying your skin out creating skin irritations, rashes & eczema on your children. You breathe in the poisonous chlorine gas while taking a shower and have to put up with the horrible chalky taste of chlorinated tap water when just taking a simple drink of water. Every home requires a whole house water filter like this complete system designed for Australian conditions.

    Chlorine is a poison. If you drink it you will taste it, that horrible chalky taste which stops you from drinking the appropriate amount of water for healthy living.

    Chlorine cost you $. Because of the horrible taste and health concerns you end up buying bottled water, add that up over a year and you will be surprised just how much money is been wasted. Plus the health consequences from the plastic bottles then add on the environmental damage from the bottles and it has to stop.

    Chlorine gas slowly poisoning you. You can smell it in the shower. When your shower water reaches 25 degrees the chlorine creates a poisonous gas which you inhale every time you take a shower.

    Chlorine gives your skin rashes and dry itchy skin. Do you wonder why your children or babies are developing esxma and other skin conditions? We’ll try removing the chlorine from your washing water and feel the difference.

    Apart from the chlorine, our tap water is getting hard. The harder the water the more minerals in the water. It is the build up of these minerals that creates the problems.

    Hard water attacks us all, you get a buildup of minerals in your hair which dries it out and makes it stiff or frizzy & hard to manage, sometimes creating irreversible damage.

    Hard water deposits scale inside heating coils, in the back of toilets, inside plumbing pipes, even inside dishwashers, washing machines, pots & kettles, eventually they all will need replacing.

    Hard water makes dishes, glassware and silverware dull and chalky.

    Hard water grey’s the fabrics you wash and roughens them to touch. Hard water wears out clothes and linens faster because sticky harsh deposits in the water destroy delicate fabrics. It is no wonder leading washing machine manufacturers recommend the use of clean conditioned water. With clean conditioned water washables come cleaner, brighter and feel softer.

    Hard water increases heating costs, because scale builds up on the inside of the heating element making it harder to heat your water. For every 1 mm of Lime scale crust on your heating element, your cost to heat your water can increase by as much as 15%.

    Hard water blocks sprinklers and reticulation systems, shower heads, blocks up solar hot water systems and blocks up air conditioners, eats out your dishwasher & washing machine, the list goes on.

    Hard water changes the taste and appearance of coffee, tea & other drinks. Hard water toughens vegetables cooked in it. With soft water even your vegetables will keep their tenderness and taste better.

    Hard water stains your ceramic toilets, basins & bathtubs while corroding away your tap ware.

    Hard water stops soap and detergents from lathering and wastes dishwashing products to the tune of Billions of Dollars every year.

    Hard water slows your garden. Just wait until you see how fast your plants react to conditioned water.

    What can you do

    You should firstly be very grateful you actually do have potable water flowing to your home, most people around the world do not have that luxury. Realise the chlorine is never going away. Understand if you continue to live without proper water filtration in your home you will pay more for electricity water heating costs, you will have skin issues even if you don’t realise, you will pay more for home appliance running costs and you will be risking your health and your family’s health consuming or washing in unfiltered water.

    You could start to take your water quality affecting your life seriously and install a user friendly whole house water filtration system to protect you, your family and your home. Read every word here and we will help you as we guide you through the simple process so you and your family can benefit living with the luxury of filtered conditioned water flowing throughout your home.

    A complete easy to use system

    A simple hands off system for those people who are not only serious about removing the amount of chlorine they have in their water supply, but want the Calcium & Magnesium treated, want cleaner pipes & home appliances that last longer perform better and require much less repairs & maintenance and have cheaper heating bills as the scale build up on your home appliances is removed, then this is the system for you.

    This system is suitable for households who want the best water possible from their water source. This is a fantastic budget priced whole house water filter system. It is recommended for any size family.

    Clean chlorine free, scale free positive charged water throughout your whole home is just a beautiful way to live.

    “25 Massive changes the “MWF Whole House Triple Big Blue High Flow Water Filter System Complete with Hard Water Conditioner & Positive Charged Water Magnet will create in your life”

    1. Smoother skin with more moisture in it

    2. ofter hair which is easier to manage

    3. Fresh smelling water throughout your whole home and in your shower

    4. Hair treatments will last longer

    5. No mineral build up on your scalp

    6. Helps with mineral build up on your shower glass so you don’t have to break your back to scrub it clean

    7. Shower heads won't block up so you will get a great flow of soft water all over you in your shower

    8. Soap and shampoos will lather up much better

    9. ou won't use as much soap and shampoo saving you more money

    10. Removes old scale build up inside pipes from before the system was installed

    11. Water tastes & smells better so you & the family consume more water

    12. Dishes wash cleaner

    13. Helps with glass window spotting and stains

    14. The best part is the water still contains the beneficial minerals we need to consume for good health

    15. Clothes wash cleaner, are softer to wear and last longer

    16. You will use less washing detergents saving even more money

    17. Increased water pressure as pipes slowly unblock

    18. Hotter water as the old scale is dissolved away off the heating elements

    19. Save money on heating water as the element has proper contact with the water

    20. Improves plant growth and reduces plant leaf staining

    21. Your soil will absorb more water creating better root growth for plants

    22. No more blocking sprinklers and reticulation systems

    23. Home appliances will operate better, require fewer repairs and will last much longer

    24. Air conditioners, solar hot water systems, will function better and last longer

    25. Eco friendly, Green, No electricity, No chemicals

    How does the system do all that?

    As the water enters your property the first step is the treatment of the calcium & magnesium. This is where the action starts. This is made possible with the use of a Limetron water conditioner. As the water passes through the Limetron water conditioner, the adhesive components around the mineral particles in your water are separated, then as the water flows out of the Limetron water conditioner, the mineral particles are free from the adhesive components. This then stops the mineral particles and salts from adhering to your pipes and appliances and blocking them up ensuring a shorter life. Over time you should also see old scale & rust buildup removed from throughout your system.

    But the real beauty with the Environmentally Friendly Limetron water conditioner is the calcium & magnesium is still present in the water, so you still have the benefit of consuming these beneficial minerals. They just don’t stick to everything any more.

    Just be aware the conditioner can not remove the mineral it only trreats it, so if you leave a wet shower glass or glassware on the sink to drip dry once the water evaporates it will leave the mineral behind. It wont be as harsh as untreated mineral but will be visable. Best way is to still squeedgee the shower glass after a shower.

    As the water flows on into the first stage of the Big Blue water filter this is where the water is screened and any sediment is removed ready for stages 2 & 3 where the high volume carbon block cartridges remove the chlorine.

    Once the new conditioned water is cleansed it flows through the current of the water Magnet giving the water a Positive Charge and softening effect prior to flowing through your home.

    This whole house water filter is a strong robust filter that is specifically designed for places where high flow rate is required whether for your home, commercial or industrial use. Treating water up to 60 litres per minute.

    Step 1.

    LIMETRON Water Conditioner



    What Makes This Product So Unique

    No Chemicals or Salts - Unlike with water softeners you do not need any chemicals or salts in order to prevent and eliminate scale - saving money.

    No Electricity - This device works without the need of electricity or any other energy sources for its operation.

    No Moving Parts - The parts in this device do not move, they work without any wear or erosion, thus there is no need to replace parts including the inner core.

    Save Energy & Money - The use of a quality Anti Scalent device like the Limetron water conditioner prevents the deposit of scale on pipes & heating elements thus saving energy, for example 1 mm of scale crust is equal to a 10% increase in your energy consumption.

    Better Growth for your Plants & Garden – Plants love conditioned water

    No Maintenance - The Limetron water conditioner requires no ongoing maintenance after installation.

    Amazing Guarantee & Warranty

    • Is supplied with a 1 year money back 100% satisfaction guarantee

    • Has a 10 year manufacturers warranty

    • Has a life expectancy of 15+ years

    To learn more about the Limetron Water Conditioner “Click Here

    The Filtration

    This whole house system is made up of 3 - 20” x 4.5” robust filter housings

    • The filter housing is supplied with a very strong support bracket

    • It has a air bleeder valve fitted to each filter

    • It comes with a 1” BSP inlet & outlet which can be reduced down in size very easily with a reducer

    • 5 year warranty on all housings

    Stage 1:

    5 Micron Sediment Cartridge

    This cartridge is capable of removing Algae, Dirt, Particles, Rust, Sand, Sediment and Silt so your water is debris free and prepared for the next stage of this filtration process. Apart from removing the sediment from your water supply so you have cleaner water this filter is also the protection cartridge for the 2 x carbon block cartridges that follow, keeping them as clean as possible so they can work to their full potential removing chlorine. They are made from high quality spun bonded polypropylene. These cartridges have a large holding capacity for a longer lifespan. Extremely important when the water board gives their system a flush and you get dirty water come down your water line without warning.


    Stages 2 & 3:

    5 Micron High Quality Carbon Block Cartridges  

    These 2 stages provide maximum removal of chlorine from your water supply. Both these cartridges are for removing organic’s, chemicals and microorganisms. All our Filter cartridges are manufactured from the highest quality, FDA-compliant raw materials with cutting-edge methods resulting in premium performance, reliability, absorption and flow rates. It is the volume of water and the chlorine content that will eventually dictate the lifespan of your cartridges but normally these cartridges are changed annually.

    Last Stage, Magnetically Positive Charge the Water

    Here at the last stage is where the water, although already cleaned and given a charge by the Limetron water conditioner, it is given a Massive Boost to enhance the positive power of the water. So even if you have a single tap on just trickling out the spout, your water will still be been treated. No water escapes the Magnetic current regardless of the flow rate.

    Magnetic Water Conditioner

    • All aluminium & stainless steel casing

    • Magnetic parts made of 100% top grade neodymium (Nd) magnet

    • 300% more Powerful than normal magnetic water conditioners

    • Ultra Strong Magnetic Power

    • Fits onto 12mm up to 18mm pipe

    • Dimensions 55mm x 45mm x 36mm

    • Easy to install with allen key provided


    Supplied with 3 quality gauges so you can tell how the system is performing at all times. Once the system is installed and working away you will be able to see your normal water pressure across the 3 gauges. These gauges allow you to know when to change the cartridges, so you don't waste money replacing cartridges that still have life left in them. A great asset to easily see how the cartridges are performing at all times.


    Cartridge Replacement Tool

    This handy moulded cartridge housing tool is used to break the seal or tighten up the cartridge housings when required. Normally only ever used when you do your annual cartridge replacement.



    Where to install your new water filter system

    Take a look at the little video explaining how you can find your incoming water pipe. Once the main water pipeline is exposed, try to have the water filter connection after the point that your garden & lawn reticulation is connected. This way the filter is not filtering water that just flows onto the yard. If not possible that is ok just install the system where you can.


    Ultimately you would install your new Limetron Water Conditioner near the front water metre, that will ensure all your entire property will be protected with conditioned water. This way the reticulation & sprinklers will not block up. The garden and lawn will reap the benefits of the calcium & magnesium been treated.

    How to choose the Right Position for your Limetron for a Bore Water Filter


    The Big Blue High Flow Triple 20” x 4.5” is covered by a full 5 year warranty, provided to ensure you have clean and safe hassle free drinking water.

    The Limetron water conditioner Is supplied with a 1 year money back 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Has a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

    Has a life expectancy of 15+ years

    Maintenance and Replacement Cartridges

    Cartridges are very easy to replace and need to be changed over every 12 months depending on your water quality and usage. The Limetron water conditioner requires no ongoing maintenance. The magnets are fitted into place once and will work forever. Take a look at the plumber as he changes the cartridges in the whole house water filter system in the video below.

    Automatic Cartridge Replacement Service

    When you invest in a water filtration product from My Water Filter, we like to ensure you have the best experience possible. We like to lend a hand & take care of you as best we can.

    • We happily monitor the cartridge life for you

    • When the cartridge is due for renewal, we then contact you

    • Once confirmed, we arrange everything and have a new replacement cartridge delivered to your door.

    Save Money

    Using this whole house filter Stops scale build up on your appliances making them cheaper to heat and operate. In the long run, you will find that your appliances will last longer thus, saving money on buying new ones.


    When installing any water filtration device make sure the main water supply is turned off prior to starting. Ensure you know what you are doing or have a qualified person to help install the filter.

    The My Water Filter Difference

    “We love our products and what we do so below are just some of the things we do to make a difference”

    We Give Together

    When you buy a water filter or home water solution from My Water Filter, at no extra cost to you, we give life changing drinking water to people in need on your behalf.

    Bit by bit we make a difference together. Check out our Giving page here.

    We also deliver our products for FREE and you get a 30-day money back guarantee. The product comes with free insurance too!

    To Summarize

    If you have any questions or you'd like a friendly chat to discuss your requirements call: Rod on 1800 769 300. He is always Happy to have a chat and guide you along the correct path for your individual situation.

    Free Delivery Australia Wide
    Our 10 Guarantees
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    5 Year Warranty


    Product ID 350
    Manufacturer My Water Filter
    Model MWF 20" x 4.5" Triple Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System Complete with Hard Water Conditioner & Positive Charged Water Magnet
    Dimensions 60 x 24 x 73 cm each

    Warranty (Months) 5 Years (Housing Only)
    For Water Type City Scheme (Chlorinated) Water
    Filter Cartridges Stage 1 - 5 Micron Sediment Filter cartridge <br/>
    Stage 2 - 5 Micron Carbon Block cartridge <br/>
    Stage 3 - 5 Micron Carbon Block cartridge
    Number of Filtration Stages Triple Stage
    Water Filter Cartridge Size 4.5" x 20" Big Blue
    Cartridge Replacement Period 12 Months
    Flow Rate 60 LPM



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    • What is the dimensions of the whole house triple ready to transport?

      60 cm x 24 cm x 73 cm - When in a box ready for transport.

    • What is the weight to transport?

      22 kgs

    • How often do the filters need to be replaced? What is the cost of replacement filters? Can a generic brand of filter be used?
      Ideally we replace the filters every 12th months. 

      To see the cartridge pack and its price click here

      Yes generic brand cartridges are suitable for this system
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    Customer Testimonials

    While the Osmosis unit I received was faulty, I had no problems in getting a new one shipped in less the 24hours. Rod was an amazing support. The new system works well and produces amazingly clean and great tasting water. The vitamin c filter was easy to install and the smell of clorine is gone. I am loving my filters!

    Thanks to Rod for all you assistance. Alfina

    Hunting possible suppliers of water filters brought me to My Water Filter. The layout of the site was impressive, but even better was the amount of important information supplied about the huge range of water filters carried, necessary facts to make an informed decision. I also felt the philosophy expressed by the firm of helping to supply clean drinking water to people in need was an aim well worth supporting. This was the deciding factor. I ordered the 12L Bench Top Purifier, which was delivered very promptly and proved easy to set up. One small request online was answered by Rod within minutes. The quality of water delivered by this purifier has amazed those who have tried it when compared with the normal town supply. I am very happy with this firm, its products and its service, and fully recommend it and its business principles to anyone. With thanks, Rod and Co.


    Thanks so much the filter arrived within a few days, easy to set up and use, I’ve had 2 water filters in the past that chill the water the motors always go around 12 months old, this has a good pourer that fills your bottle quickly. Much better I just store the water in the fridge once filtered. Very Happy.

    Hello Rod

    Most impressed with the delivery time frame, I live in QLD 80km North of Brisbane, the day after I placed the order the filter was delivered to my front door. From the first conversation with Rod ‘till after the installation process, I can say has been a very pleasant experience.  I have a plumber do the installation;  his conversation with the folks at My Water Filter regarding the installation was also exceptional.

    Not only does My Water Filter offer a great product, they actually care about their customers and the community as a whole.

    If I need more water filters in the future, I will certainly be calling Rod.



    Just want to say a huge Thank-You for your amazing service & generosity, I absolutely love our new ceramic water filter. I will be recommending you to all our friends & family.
    Yours Sincerely

    "Hi Rod,
    You are a whiz!
    Thank you so much for assisting us via telephone to sort out our replacement filters.
    We are so pleased to be able to use our system again & it's good to know that. You'll now contact us in a year's time with all that we need. Brilliant!
    We appreciate your friendly, sincere care & will definitely be recommending your company to others."
    The Lees, Perth.

    Hi Rod
    My water filter arrived speedily after ordering online, both my wife and myself agree the water tastes softer and I was also impressed that you took the trouble to contact me by phone to confirm if I still required the second filter that I ordered at the same time as the main unit, most companies would not have bothered to check as they would have considered it just more money spent, so thanks once again great service!

    I was very happy with how easy it was to order online and the speedy delivery of my filter. I was impressed, morning after my online order I was phoned by the company to see if I wanted package left at my doorstep or collected at post office, I mean who does that, no one! The filter was easy to install so I will continue using their products!

    Hi Rod, received my Fill2Pure jug today by courier, and have filtered approximately 10 litres of water already and put all into glass/BPA-free containers. Am feeling so pleased with the thought of drinking  and cooking with pure,  Fluoride and Chlorine free water from now on and just sitting down with my first cuppa made with this water.

    An extremely satisfied customer 

    Hi Rod, 

    The base arrived today intact, looks great!

    Many thanks for organising a replacement so quickly. You are one of the few businesses around these days that truly values excellent customer service. 

    Thanks again and I hope you have a lovely Christmas.