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    How to install a shower filter


    Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're gonna do, is quickly demonstrate how easy it is to install a shower filter, alright? As you can see, we just got a normal, plain old Australian shower up on top of here. So we're gonna undo it. Now, I don't have too much respect for this one, because it's pretty old with rust. But if it was nice and new, or you're looking after your own home, I'd be putting a little bit of cloth around the fitting before I put myon, okay? And it'll just help you to hold it, to undo it. Once you've broken the lock, you're pretty okay. Alright, so off we come.

    It'll likely take a few turns. Beautiful, and there we have it, alright. Might have a little bit of thread tape stuck up on here. Rip it off, clean it off, make sure it's nice and neat, alright. Same applies on the end. Make sure it's nice and neat on the end too. Alrighty? Bit of thread tape. Make sure you got no leak. Now just watch this one. I'm gonna wrap it on the way that the thread turns and locks, okay Very good. From there, we got our shower filter. Now it doesn't matter what brand you got. On our site you'll see if we have a whole range for you to choose from.

    Just quickly; brand new, already comes with a cartridge inside of it, ready to go. So there's your cartridge inside our shower filter. Do it up tight; tight enough to seal. You wanna be able to get it undone when you change the cartridge inside, okay. So this is us, and we're gonna screw him on. Once again, don't go crazy on it alright. It's only gotta seal, and it's in the shower so if it did leak a little bit we can always tighten it up a touch later. But it's on there, and it's nice and ready to go. Once again, run some thread tape on. Depending on the quality and the thickness of your thread tape, that's what's gonna tell you how many winds of tape you want on there.

    Good quality, thick stuff, thread until you've got a good seal, okay. That's on, and thence there goes our shower. Now with the two of these, you'll be able to work it out. Once again, don't over tighten it. We just want it nice. Nice and level, so the water flows out. And there you have it. So I know how bad the chlorine is out there, the backs of my ears get very itchy and irritated any time I've taken an unfiltered chlorinated shower.

    So do yourself a favor and take care of your skin. And I look forward to catching up with ya. Have a good day.

    Customer Testimonials

    Rod you might get a few more orders, as I just put a post on Facebook for you.

    Parasites!!....Please have your rain water tanks tested for "Coliform bacteria" by the CSU.

    I would highly recommend "My Water Filter" company 1800 769 300 as they have given us the best possible price on a full system for our house and Rod knows the in's and out's of the industry.

    Good day Rod.

    Another happy customer of my water filter. All arrived yesterday and installed with no fuss as you supply all bits required. Great service. Thanks


    I didn't know how to connect my filter. I called and they where very effective in helping me I am totally satisfied.

    I was unsure whether I had chosen the right water filter for me, but as soon as I tasted the water I knew I had chosen perfectly.

    Thank you

    Hi Rod

    Thank you for your help in choosing what kind of filter that I should use 
    The water tastes good 
    So far too soon to comment on the health benefits but I have found that my leg cramps have gone completely not one at all so far [touch wood ]
    Thanks again 

    "You're da' man Rod. Big mahalos (thank you's) for your customer service and ethics. Big joy to you... Brian"

    I was very pleased with service and advice I received from Rod when purchasing my whole of house system. Based on that advice I was able to determine the best system to suit my needs and saved me some money compared to the original system I was going to buy. Delivery was fast and within timelines that were promised. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would not hesitate to recommend them to others. 

    I couldn't be more impressed with the service I received from My Water Filter. I was unsure as to which filter to buy so I rang and spoke to Rod who helped me decide. I had a query when the filter arrived and again Rod talked me through checking things. The filter works beautifully and I love the taste of the water. I went with the 0.1 micron because of the new influx of bats dirtying my roof and my drinking water. Thank you again.


    We're very happy with our water filter, thanks.

    Very happy with both the service and the filter (Limetron) that I purchased.

    Firstly the service - great communication and excellent advice to make sure I got what I needed and not just what I asked for despite the former being cheaper.

    Secondly - it might be a placebo effect but within one week my husband and I were independently reporting improvements to our water. Not only are the shower screen/tiles much cleaner (I did give it a really good clean up first and not much has stuck since) but we also believe the water is hotter. We have never had a really hot water supply in our house but we're having to turn the temperature down and at this rate will be turning the boiler down too.

    We use rain water in our kettle and thus haven't been exposed to any drinking water benefits.

    Thrilled with our purchase and wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Our house is 20 years old so to have an effect in one week is beyond expectations.

    Just wanted to write a quick email to let you know how happy I am with my new water filter.
    We purchased the RO 4000 bench top unit, It arrived a little over a week ago, was simple to install and has given me and my family the best water we have had. I looked around online before buying the unit, the pricing was extremely competitive and the fact that the purchase also helped provide fresh drinking water for others who are not as fortunate clinched the deal.
    I also use it for my fish tank and have noticed an improvement in the overall health of the tank.