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    How to install an Ecosoft Shower Water Conditioner


    Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're gonna do today is have a look at the Ecosoft shower water conditioner, okay. Now what this device does, is it smashes hard water, okay. Hard water in this country, more and more common every day, water is becoming harder, rain is getting less, drought more common, population's growing, and water quality is deteriorating every single day. This baby here will change the way you shower, it'll change the state of your shower, it'll stop all of the build-up and the muck that gets all over the shower, and it will look after you.

    It will look after your hair, it'll look after your skin, your nails, the rashes, eczema, all the problems that you have associated with water, hard water especially, this device here is a winner for you, okay. So I'm just gonna spend a minute or two and just get you my best shot on what to do with it, alright. Obviously you can buy this device on our site, and I strongly recommend that you have a look on the site. You'll see some links to other pages that will show you how it actually works, what's involved in it.

    But today I'm just gonna strictly show you how to install it, just so that people don't think it's beyond them, because it's very, really easy, very, very simple, okay? So here we got it, what I'll do is What I'll do, is I'll just quickly show you a close up. What we got on one end, is just a half inch BSP thread, very, very common, most showers will be the same. On the other end, female, half inch BSP thread. Female end, straight into the wall and then our shower will connect back onto the male end, alright? Alright, here we go. What I like to do first of all, before entering the shower, is put a towel in there.

    The reason for that, you drop a spinner, you drop the Ecosoft shower conditioner, you're gonna crack a tile, we just don't want to go there, simple towel. And don't break your shower bars. Okay, once again, our shower in this house, not too bad here, I'd probably just take it off. If you've got a nice new house, then get yourself a rag, put around it. Okay. Once he's off, he's off. And we just gently screw it off, this one is a little bit stiff, obviously been on here for some time, but it's still flowing off nicely, okay.

    There we go, and away we go, okay. Inside the thread, might have a little bit of muck, might have a little bit of extra thread tape, whatever, just take it all out, make sure it's nice and clean, ready to be installed and put back on. Same applies up here. You can see there's bits of old thread tape set through there, feel free to take it off, and give a little brush with a brush if you'd like, and just make sure it's nice and clean around there, okay? Now we start to install the new device. Simple bit of thread tape, the nice thick stuff works the best, don't have to wrap it around as many times.

    Once again, we'll put it on here. You notice I'm wrapping the tape on in the direction that I'm going to turn the device on so it locks the thread tape on as we put it on. Alright, got three or four turns there, we're laughing. And here we have the Ecosoft shower water conditioner. Don't snap it off, nice and firm, nice and tight. It's inside a shower, if for some reason it leaked, very easy to just undo it, put some more thread tape on or to just do it out, okay? So lets just leave it at there for now, and there it is. Give it a wipe. Okay. Once again, little bit of plumber's tape. Alright. Get our shower head.

    What we want to do, just get it nice and straight and square, beautiful. Firm, tight, but not too tight that we're gonna snap it off the wall or crack a fitting or anything, okay? So as you saw, it only took a minute or two. There it is, it's on there installed, ready to go. We hop out, we can turn the water on. As you can see if flows out, and it's running beautifully there, alright? So have a look around the site as I suggested. Do yourself a favor, read some more information, and if you've got any questions, queries, anything like that, feel free to get on the phone and have a chat to us.

    But I strongly urge you to look at a shower conditioner, especially if you've got hard water, especially if you're noticing the effects that we mention in the page, with your hair falling out and stuff like that. I'm sure you'll be very happy. Just in closing, we've got a one year money back guarantee. We've got a 20 year lifetime warranty. There's no maintenance involved with one, there's no extra parts, there's no cartridges to be changed, nothing, okay? What you see is what you get. Strong as anything, full steel, alloy, you can see it inside. Just put it on there and let it do it's thing.

    Good luck to you, thank you very much, have a good day.

    Customer Testimonials

    Hello Rod,

    My gorgeous water filter arrived today and I just wanted to say thank you for a superb product. It was amazingly well packed (my biggest concern!) and is a beautiful addition to my kitchen.

    I'm so glad I found you. This means not only healthier drinking water for us but also no more buying pure water for my kombucha production.

    Many thanks and best wishes to you,

    Hi Rod and Team,

    We just ordered our first water filter through your online website and received it at the address we provided within the 3 to 4 days you estimated the delivery. Great Service and the whole ordering experience was very easy. We will certainly be using you guys again and will also be recommending you to friends!


    Hi, I ordered a benchtop filter and received it one week later. Very pleased with the beautiful workmanship and outstanding quality of the product. Best of all the water surpasses the freshness of the 10ltr boxes I was buying no more lugging around 10ltr boxes and having to dispose of the waste after.... so much more eco-friendly.

    Many thanks Cheryl

    I bought the Aroma Sense Q Vitamin C Shower Filter Shower Head, and it was so easy to install! The showerhead range is fantastic, much better than my old one, the spray comes out really fine and the water feels so soft, it's just lovely! The citrus smell is very subtle and not at all overpowering. I'm really happy I bought this filter.


    "Rod, just to let you know that the Sprite High Output shower filter arrived today and it screwed easily and fits perfectly. We didn't need a spanner to put it on although we do have a hand held shower fitting so that could have been why. I had a shower and washed my hair and it was noticeably softer. In fact, I've been feeling it all day because it is so soft. I look forward to showering if my hair is going to be that soft all the time. I can honestly say that my hair hasn't been that soft since I washed it in rain water." Debra NSW

    Dear Rod, as with all professionals, from to to time things can go wrong. And when this happens, you're calm collective and make things right. Thanks for your high standard of professionalism and the great sprite water filters we bought at a great price. Showering has been a absolute pleasure since installing it for both my wife and myself. Thanks heaps. More referrals and business to come.

    I didn't know how to connect my filter. I called and they where very effective in helping me I am totally satisfied.

    I was unsure whether I had chosen the right water filter for me, but as soon as I tasted the water I knew I had chosen perfectly.

    Thank you

    Hi there!!! I would like to say Thank you so much for the great service.

    Thank you so much to helping me to solve the problem with my payment.

    Once again Thank you.

    Eva and Andy

    Joel, good morning -

    Just to let you know that my beautiful pottery purifier arrived and I've just unpacked it, and am SO THRILLED with it - it's a beautiful piece of pottery!!
    Because of my low vision, and because it's my first installation, I had a problem fitting the cartridge into the top bowl and phoned to ask for help, speaking to Rod who gave me instructions which I had to carry out by 'feel' because I have very low vision. It was very simple, of course, and now I have water dripping into the bottom bowl and soon I'll be able to give up having to buy all those expensive casks of spring water!
    Having done all the above, I checked on your website and see a Busselton address, and looking at my time of 9.15am I realised I'd probably disturbed, or possibly even woke, Rob up at about 7.15 am WA time!!!! PLEASE apologise to him for this...... I'm so sorry!!!!

    Finally, many thanks to you for your patience and kindness, replying to my emails about delivery. I apologise if I was a nuisance - please put it down to my eagerness to receive the system...... The wait was definitely worth it, and I'd be very grateful if you'd be kind enought to let the potters know how delighted I am with the beautiful pot.

    Kind regards,


    Great service, reliable company!