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    How to install an Ecosoft Shower Water Conditioner


    Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. What we're gonna do today is have a look at the Ecosoft shower water conditioner, okay. Now what this device does, is it smashes hard water, okay. Hard water in this country, more and more common every day, water is becoming harder, rain is getting less, drought more common, population's growing, and water quality is deteriorating every single day. This baby here will change the way you shower, it'll change the state of your shower, it'll stop all of the build-up and the muck that gets all over the shower, and it will look after you.

    It will look after your hair, it'll look after your skin, your nails, the rashes, eczema, all the problems that you have associated with water, hard water especially, this device here is a winner for you, okay. So I'm just gonna spend a minute or two and just get you my best shot on what to do with it, alright. Obviously you can buy this device on our site, and I strongly recommend that you have a look on the site. You'll see some links to other pages that will show you how it actually works, what's involved in it.

    But today I'm just gonna strictly show you how to install it, just so that people don't think it's beyond them, because it's very, really easy, very, very simple, okay? So here we got it, what I'll do is What I'll do, is I'll just quickly show you a close up. What we got on one end, is just a half inch BSP thread, very, very common, most showers will be the same. On the other end, female, half inch BSP thread. Female end, straight into the wall and then our shower will connect back onto the male end, alright? Alright, here we go. What I like to do first of all, before entering the shower, is put a towel in there.

    The reason for that, you drop a spinner, you drop the Ecosoft shower conditioner, you're gonna crack a tile, we just don't want to go there, simple towel. And don't break your shower bars. Okay, once again, our shower in this house, not too bad here, I'd probably just take it off. If you've got a nice new house, then get yourself a rag, put around it. Okay. Once he's off, he's off. And we just gently screw it off, this one is a little bit stiff, obviously been on here for some time, but it's still flowing off nicely, okay.

    There we go, and away we go, okay. Inside the thread, might have a little bit of muck, might have a little bit of extra thread tape, whatever, just take it all out, make sure it's nice and clean, ready to be installed and put back on. Same applies up here. You can see there's bits of old thread tape set through there, feel free to take it off, and give a little brush with a brush if you'd like, and just make sure it's nice and clean around there, okay? Now we start to install the new device. Simple bit of thread tape, the nice thick stuff works the best, don't have to wrap it around as many times.

    Once again, we'll put it on here. You notice I'm wrapping the tape on in the direction that I'm going to turn the device on so it locks the thread tape on as we put it on. Alright, got three or four turns there, we're laughing. And here we have the Ecosoft shower water conditioner. Don't snap it off, nice and firm, nice and tight. It's inside a shower, if for some reason it leaked, very easy to just undo it, put some more thread tape on or to just do it out, okay? So lets just leave it at there for now, and there it is. Give it a wipe. Okay. Once again, little bit of plumber's tape. Alright. Get our shower head.

    What we want to do, just get it nice and straight and square, beautiful. Firm, tight, but not too tight that we're gonna snap it off the wall or crack a fitting or anything, okay? So as you saw, it only took a minute or two. There it is, it's on there installed, ready to go. We hop out, we can turn the water on. As you can see if flows out, and it's running beautifully there, alright? So have a look around the site as I suggested. Do yourself a favor, read some more information, and if you've got any questions, queries, anything like that, feel free to get on the phone and have a chat to us.

    But I strongly urge you to look at a shower conditioner, especially if you've got hard water, especially if you're noticing the effects that we mention in the page, with your hair falling out and stuff like that. I'm sure you'll be very happy. Just in closing, we've got a one year money back guarantee. We've got a 20 year lifetime warranty. There's no maintenance involved with one, there's no extra parts, there's no cartridges to be changed, nothing, okay? What you see is what you get. Strong as anything, full steel, alloy, you can see it inside. Just put it on there and let it do it's thing.

    Good luck to you, thank you very much, have a good day.

    Customer Testimonials

    "Thank you so much for your expert advice and pleasant manner. It has been a fantastic experience interacting with My Water Filter and the products which you have supplied are fantastic."

    -Josh Hoare 

    Hi Rod,

    Thank-you so much all your help, great customer service and intensive product knowledge. My husband is a hard man to please when it comes to water. The only water he would drink was the Nobel's Ultra Pure water. Not only was it an inconvenience to buy the 10L boxes, it also wasn't environmentally friendly.

    Initially I had chosen a filter that I had thought would be ideal for us only to realize my husband had changed his mind and didn't want the filter we had chosen. I called Rod, explained the problem and and he saved the day. Not only did he cancel our original order he helped us find something more suitable. We are extremely happy with the water filter we purchased. My husband told me that he wish he'd made the switch years ago.


    Hello My Water Filter team,
    I have been very impressed with the level of customer service and the quality of the products on offer.

    I am someone who does a ridiculous amount of research before buying what I would call an investment in my family's future health. 
    I purchased the Big Blue Triple package and I have fitted the device after buying required connectors from Reece plumbing (Shark bite connectors, brass adapters and 1"X600mm Flexi pipe + HP sealant ~$170; do not bother with Bunnings if you want to ensure the flow rate as they only stock narrow gauge kit).

    I highly recommend your company - excellent service and product !
    Best regards,

    "Hi guys! Thanks for the prompt delivery of my Vitamin Shower Water Filter. Easy to install, no chlorine smell anymore, my skin is less dry, and I don't have to wash my hair as often. I'm recommending it to everyone. Thanks again."

    Hi to all at My Water Filter Team, with regards the service which I received from you during my purchase of the shower filter, I can only say that I am unable to find any fault whatsoever with it. Our preliminary discussions, the ordering, the dispatching, and the overall handling of the transaction was excellent. The product was as described and I am hoping that I will see a continued improvement in my skin health as time passes .Once again, my sincere thanks and congratulations for your excellent service.

    I was very happy with how easy it was to order online and the speedy delivery of my filter. I was impressed, morning after my online order I was phoned by the company to see if I wanted package left at my doorstep or collected at post office, I mean who does that, no one! The filter was easy to install so I will continue using their products!

    "Hi Rod,
    You are a whiz!
    Thank you so much for assisting us via telephone to sort out our replacement filters.
    We are so pleased to be able to use our system again & it's good to know that. You'll now contact us in a year's time with all that we need. Brilliant!
    We appreciate your friendly, sincere care & will definitely be recommending your company to others."
    The Lees, Perth.

    Hello Rod,

    My filter arrived within a week of ordering. It fits my Durand water urn perfectly and I am so delighted to know that I am now drinking Fluoride-free water!!

    Thank you so much!

    Have been using these filters since they came out and very much happy with their performance. I decided to buy from My Water Filter as they have a point of difference to my usual supplier in that in some small way my little contribution goes toward a most worthy cause of providing water to people who need the help.


    Hi there!!! I would like to say Thank you so much for the great service.

    Thank you so much to helping me to solve the problem with my payment.

    Once again Thank you.

    Eva and Andy