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    How to Give My Water Filter a Testimonial

    For every testimonial we receive - We will give 1 week's access to Clean Drinking Water to people in need on Your behalf.

    Bit By Bit we can make a Difference…

    Here at My Water Filter we are on a Mission to Provide Clean Drinking Water to the World. To achieve this we need new loyal customers every single day.

    So we understand that when our customers have positive things to say about us, it has a Massive impact not only on new customers but how much water we are able to Give to those in need on your behalf.

    Testimonials have a huge impact on our business and the confidence of others to join with us.

    So please do take a minute to forward your experiences with us, as this allows us to grow Credibility with our customers and our customers can gain Trust while feeling comfortable dealing with us.

    Quick easy ways to tell us how you feel which helps others in need.


    • A simple text message to 0427 150 866 would be fantastic.
    • For those who love video and love getting behind the camera (movie stars), you can use your phone to take a quick selfie video and share with us that way. To share this with us, you can text it to 0427 150 866 or you can email it to customerservice@mywaterfilter.com.au. Video has the power the change the world and if you share your experience with us via video we will help change the world even more. For every video testimonial we will give an additional 100 people in need access to clean drinking water. (Thank you)
    • If video isn’t your thing, just type your thoughts onto a email telling us of your experience and forward to customerservice@mywaterfilter.com.au
    • Write your thoughts into our Contact us form on the Contact Us page.
    • Just give us a ring on 1800 769 300 and we’ll have a chat.
    • Jump onto our facebook page at www.facebook.com/mywaterfilterwall and share your experience with us there.
    • Or if you would like to write us a friendly letter you can find us here at:


    My Water Filter

    Po box 1048


    WA 6280

    If you need some testimonial ideas go to our testimonial page here, or try some of these ideas below:

    • Did we treat you with respect & talk to you respectfully?
    • Were you happy with our service?
    • Do you like your product?
    • Does your product work well?
    • Do you agree with our Mission of Providing Clean Drinking water to the World?
    • Are you happy with our customer service?
    • Did you like your B1G1 Giving Certificate?
    • Was your delivery a positive experience?
    • What improvements would you like to see at My Water Filter?
    Many thanks for taking the time to help grow this business and provide as much Clean Drinking water to those in need as possible.

    Rod & The Team from My Water Filter…