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    Hydrosil Ultra Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Water Purification 7.8%

    • Kills bugs & Bacteria
    • Non-toxic to humans
    • Available in 1, 5 & 20 litres

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    45.99 $45.99

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    45.99 $45.99


    Hydrosil Ultra Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Water Purification 7.8%

    When rainwater comes into contact with contaminated surfaces; such as rooftops, gutterings and downpipes, it can pick up harmful material such as bacteria, animal & bird droppings.

    This debri and bacteria is carried through the water and into the water storage device or storage tank. The bacteria & other nasty bugs like parasites & e-coli etc can then colonize in the still water and results in harmful illnesses when consumed.

    PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately we are not able to deliver this product to Post Office boxes with Australia Post. Please ensure a physical address is provided so we can deliver this product with a specialty courier. Thank you.

    Rural Children at RISK of Parasites Thriving in Freshwater

    What is Hydrosil Ultra?

    The Hydrosil Ultra is a hydrogen peroxide (7.8%), based with a silver activated sanitizer, which acts to oxidise bacteria & other bugs, without leaving any dangerous residues behind.

    It sanitizes and protects your tanks and water storage devices, making the water safe and suitable for human consumption.

    Hydrosil Ultra is not a chlorine based chemical like most sterilizers on the market today. It is non toxic, and safe to use around your home and family.

    Available in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers.

    Click here to Download MSDS Sheet

    Operating Performance


    • Drinking Water Tanks

    • Cattle Troughs

    • Water Filtration Systems

    • Water Storage Containers

    • Bore Holes

    • Caravan tanks

    Can be used in:

    • Around the Home

    • Caravans

    • Farms

    • Orchards

    • Dairy Farm

    • Laboratory Sanitiser

    • Fish Handling Industry

    • Meat Works


    • Initial Dosage: @ 7.8%

    • 200ml/1,000 litres of water is the World Wide recommendation in order to remove 99.9% of bacteria.

    • After this initial dosage, we recommend using peroxide test strips to monitor the water. If there is any colour change at all present on the test strips, a maintenance dosage is NOT yet required.

    • If there is no colour change a maintenance program of 1litre/10,000 litres of water can be implemented.

    Hydrosil Ultra acts to control larvae, preventing outbreaks. This is imperative in a country such as Australia, where the risk of dengue fever and other mosquito born diseases are always of high risk. 

    The introduction of Hydrosil Ultra into wells or mains water can best be accomplished by a metering device which keeps the application more constant and thorough, although manual application can be used. 

    Dosing can be accomplished by the use of a proportional feeder. In order to get a true reading of the amount of oxygen contained in the water after application, use peroxide test strips designed especially for this purpose.

    To check how much Hydrosil Ultra is in the water, please use a Peroxide Test Kit. Please check on the link below:

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    When you buy a water filter or home water solution from My Water Filter, at no extra cost to you, we give life changing drinking water to people in need on your behalf.

    Bit by bit we make a difference together. Check out our giving page here.

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    Model Hydrosil Ultra Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide Water Purification 7.8%

    HydroSil ULTRA: How to treat your rain water tank, bore water or water pipes to kill bacteria and viruses


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    Customer Testimonials

    I’ve had fabulous service & speedy delivery of a fantastic product that enables me to have clean non smelly water direct from my tap .

    I no longer have to boil the jug & keep bottles of water on hand

    Plus I get to help 3rd World Countries also get clean water just by purchasing this product

    Good on you My Water Filter Team


    Great product. Fast delivery. Family happy. Thanks!

    Excellent service and best prices. And products are the real article not some
    cheap Chinese copy. Thanks guys I will be back when I need filters again.


    Hunting possible suppliers of water filters brought me to My Water Filter. The layout of the site was impressive, but even better was the amount of important information supplied about the huge range of water filters carried, necessary facts to make an informed decision. I also felt the philosophy expressed by the firm of helping to supply clean drinking water to people in need was an aim well worth supporting. This was the deciding factor. I ordered the 12L Bench Top Purifier, which was delivered very promptly and proved easy to set up. One small request online was answered by Rod within minutes. The quality of water delivered by this purifier has amazed those who have tried it when compared with the normal town supply. I am very happy with this firm, its products and its service, and fully recommend it and its business principles to anyone. With thanks, Rod and Co.


    Excellent service in response to my request.

    Hi thank you for the water filters,ultrapure 0.5 micron ceramic and  ph neutralization, my rain water  taste so great ,also I checked the pH now is 8.5 previous was 5.5,so happy with the filters thanks again

    We’ve been using using these filters for years,now, they are extremely good.

    Your delivery was speedy, so thank you.
    Very happy

    While the Osmosis unit I received was faulty, I had no problems in getting a new one shipped in less the 24hours. Rod was an amazing support. The new system works well and produces amazingly clean and great tasting water. The vitamin c filter was easy to install and the smell of clorine is gone. I am loving my filters!

    Thanks to Rod for all you assistance. Alfina

    We recently received a high flow under the sink filter, and thought we should let you know the results of some testing we did.

    We got this filter to provide soft water for the new coffee machine. Yep, that is the reason. Melbourne water is pretty good, the best of any place we have lived in Australia. But this machine is expensive, and we wanted to extend its life by using only filtered water. We bought bottled water until this filter arrived, and some water hardness strips to test the results.

    The results from the 'total hardness' testing strips are particularly interesting.

    1) The bottled water (coles brand) was close to 50PPM (so very low hardness).

    2) The tap water was better, because the test strips went from 0 to 50PPM, we are not sure how much, but it was a noticeable improvement.

    3) The filter was again a noticeable bit better, very close to that 0PPM (so  almost 0 hardness).

    The blind taste test was just as interesting. The bottled and tap water had their own differences, but were effectively 'the same'. The filtered water however was so much softer with less mineral, quite noticeable step change.

    Overall very happy with the result of this filter, much better than expected.


    I received my water distiller promptly. It was easy to set up and within hrs. of receiving it I had distilled water ready to be chilled in the fridge. I am looking forward to see if I experience any health benefits from drinking distilled water. In any case, it tastes much better than our tap water.